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"Never Mistake Activity
for Achievement"
Researching Health Care Costs

Health Care can be very expensive. In 2010 alone
the U.S. spent  $2.6 trillion on healthcare. That is
about $8,400 per person.

Researching health care costs for best price and quality can be difficult. There are many variables
used in determining the price of medical treatment, and generally associated costs are not public for
they are predicated on provider, place of service
and payer.

​The best way to help control your health care
costs is to become a knowledgeable consumer.
Be certain  to speak with your provider. Ask if there
is a generic or lower-cost option on medications
that still provide high quality.

Compare the information your doctor gives you
with other facilities.

Below are a link to sites with a plethora of
information you may use to identify providers
with best outcomes and prices:

Ways To Halt Diabetes in its Tracks

Type 2 diabetes is a serious disease, and can be very difficult to manage. Type 2 diabetes can often be prevented, or even controlled with certain tricks.

Some ways to reduce and/or control the risk of diabetes:
  • Exercising-
    • Do Something you enjoy
    • Try to get spurts of physical activity throughout the day 
  • Eating right-
    • Watching portion sizes
    • Eat more healthier snacks
    • Avoid drinking calories
    • Be wary of dining out


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