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Executive Order Protecting LGBT Workers
As of July 21, 2014, President Obama signed an executive order aimed at protecting workers employed by the federal government and federal contractors from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

This adds to the list that businesses cannot discriminate and/or allow discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex or national origin.

With this change nearly 30,000 companies that are employing 29 million people will be impacted by this change. 

Medical Identity Theft Becoming a Problem

Medical Identity theft is starting to become a major concern for many people. Over 1.8 million Americans became victims in 2013.It occurs when someone uses another person's information to obtain medical services, devices, or prescriptions. 

This then has a financial impact in which there is lost money, unpaid bills,collection agency letters, and tarnished credit reports.

The Biggest threats of Medical identity theft come from family, friends, Providers, and Hackers.

To Read more on Medical Identity theft CLICK HERE
Time to get back into the School Groove

The School year has started again. Here are some helpful tips to get back into the groove and start off on the right foot.
  • Early to Bed, early to rise
  • Review bus safety. Make sure child know the basic bus rules
  • Talk about bullying. Its NOT OK to bully or be bullied
  • Get the wiggles out.  Make sure the kids are keeping physically active
  • Be there for ups and downs
  • Be a cheerleader. Show your support. Be proud of your child/ren
  • Stay Positive.
Messages from our Commercial And Personal Lines
Personal Umbrella

Is Your Financial Security at Risk?


An Umbrella Policy can mean peace of mind.  Lawsuits in the U.S. have become a common fact of life.  Are your assets adequately protected?

  • You are at fault in an auto accident and the other driver sustains serious injuries.
  • Your child is accused of bullying through social media.
  • A person slips on your icy steps and breaks their leg

Any of these events could easily result in a lawsuit and your primary liability coverage may not provide enough protection.


Please contact us to review your coverage at no obligation.


Your Personal Lines Department

Insuring Volunteers

Marian Migliorisi



Volunteers are essential to countless organizations; many of which could not accomplish their missions without them.  However, just like paid employees, volunteers can have accidents that injure themselves, injure others or damage the property of others.


This raises the question as to how insurance policies treat volunteers. Are their injuries covered? Is the organization covered if a 3rd party is injured?


With regards to Commercial General Liability, the organization's policy will typically cover both the organization and their volunteers for liability arising from bodily injury and/or property damage to a 3rd party. Another way of stating this is that the policy will automatically include volunteers as insureds. However, be aware that some older CGL forms and some non-standard forms may not and will require modification to afford coverage to volunteers. 


If the organization has a Commercial Automobile policy and a volunteer was involved in an accident, coverage will be provided if the volunteer was using a company auto while performing company business with the organization's permission. If the volunteer was using their own vehicle, coverage may not be automatic but is certainly easily available. Furthermore, uncompensated volunteers may carry their own Personal Auto insurance that will respond to the injury or damage of others in the event of an accident. Conflicts could arise, however, if the volunteer's coverage limits are inadequate or are too restrictive to apply. Furthermore, many volunteers often assume they will be protected by the organization's insurance and may be disappointed if they have to rely on their own insurance. 


When it comes to Workers Compensation, State laws vary widely on the insurability of volunteers who are injured while performing work for the organization. In general, Workers Compensation coverage for volunteers is not mandatory in most states. Depending on the carrier, however, a policy may be modified to provide coverage to volunteers as though they are employees. This, of course, would need to be done before any injury occurs and may be challenging to accomplish.


If you are an organization that uses volunteers (frequently or infrequently), do not hesitate to contact your account representative to ensure that proper coverage is in place. Any accident can have serious financial consequences. Peace of mind, on the other hand, is priceless. 


Advantages and 
Disadvantages to Unlimited PTO policies
Taking time off has an importance for employees. Leaving the workplace for a couple of days gives employees a chance to get a break and relax, but also to come back to work with renewed energy and improved productivity. 
Unlimited PTO policies are similar to the normal PTO policies, the only difference is employees are not given an allotted number of days off. Employees must still get these days approved however, there cannot be unplanned time off.

Some Advantages to Unlimited PTO for Employers are:

- Unlimited time off fosters sense of trust in employees and encourages responsibility

- Offering Unlimited PTO can serve as an attractive benefit when recruiting candidates

- Reducing the likelihood of employees coming to work sick and hoarding time off for vacation.

-Unlimited PTO is not accrued.

- Administrative time no longer has to be spent tracking accrual of time off.

Some Disadvantages for Employers however are:

- If the employee chooses to abuse the policy it would be difficult to terminate them for absence since the are technically allowed that time off.  If there is an established and review on Performance goal will help against this.

- You would still need to track time to prevent abuse of it and prove compliance on various regulations.

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Return-of-Prem. Life Insurance
Choosing the Right Program for You

IRS Releases draft forms for Employer Reporting Health Coverage

On July 24, 2014 The IRS released draft forms for Code section 6055 & 6056 reporting. The reports states the certain employers must provide the IRS with information about the health plan coverage's that they do and don't offer to their employees.

These forms however are not to be filed with the IRS. They are drafts, the intention is for employers to look over and preview what the forms will look like and how they should be completed.

The Forms and instructions will be finalized at the end of the year . For more information CLICK HERE
Save Money..Look into getting a 401k. 

Everyone works hard for their money right? Everyone enjoys buying things for themselves. But what if you have no money? When you get older how are you going to support yourself and/or future family?
Look into a 401k

401k 's are for you to used to help save for retirement. The new generations primary focus should be looking into 401ks. Their biggest challenge is learning how to save money for the future, since many can't maintain discipline in saving. The sooner you start saving the more money you will have when you retire.
Its always wise for you to look into your future and somewhat live in it as that will help shape your future and be financially stable, and supporting oneself.

Since let's be real.. your parents will not be able to support you forever.

For more info Click Here
American Cancer Institute Awards Kaiser Permanente $7.3 million for Clinical Trials and Research

Kaiser Permanente was founded in 1945. With their clinical trial research expanding over the years, that the The National Cancer Institute awarded $7.3 million  over five years expand their cancer clinical trial programs. With the expansion on cancer care it include focusing on :

- Evaluating alternative treatment delivery systems

- Examining Disease prevention

- Exploring pain and symptom management

-Investigating disparities in cancer outcomes and how to eliminate them.

Even with this focus Kaiser Permanente is committed to helping shape the future of healthcare in all fields. With serving near 9.3 million members in eight states with 'Complete Care'. The 'Complete Care'  focuses on the total health of their patients guided by physicians, specialists, and care givers. 

For more Info on Kaiser Permanente go go to the following Links:


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