Brown & Brown is knowledgeable on all aspect of healthcare, specifically in the public education marketplace. A supportive team structure provides client driven advice, attention to details with professional feedback, and their attentive staff working on our account make us feel like we are their “only client.”

— Kathleen Huder, Business Administrator/Board Secretary, Lindenwold Board of Education

We have worked with Colleen and the Brown & Brown Team for the past 16 years. The outstanding services and advice we have been provided by Brown & Brown has helped our organization continue to provide employees with meaningful benefits for over a decade. The team is available 24/7 with creative solutions and are always willing to lend a helping hand! If you desire exceptional solutions, valuable resources, and a long-term relationship with a trusted adviser, contact Brown & Brown.

— Violet Penyacsek, HR Director, Academy Express, LLC

Collective bargaining is another arena where Brown & Brown excels. They are a partner in our process, working collaboratively with Board members, Administrators, and our labor counsel to develop creative ideas that are approachable to our bargaining unit leadership. I know they will always present me with the latest ideas that have been given a test run in the marketplace.

— Sean Boyce, CPA, Assistant Superintendent for Business, Freehold Regional High School District

Our claims experience had increased, but not to justify the carrier’s proposed rate increase of +15.3%. Lou and Jason and the entire team challenged the carrier’s renewal on technical merits. They also secured proposals from qualified, competing carriers that enabled Brown & Brown to cut the final renewal position in half to +7.5%, yielding an annual premium savings of $2.4 million.

— Sean Boyce, CPA, Assistant Superintendent for Business, Freehold Regional High School District

Brown & Brown negotiated a very successful transition for the School District of the Chathams into the Schools Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) while maintaining coverage with AETNA and still resulted in a health benefit rate reduction. The two years of renewal with the SHIF have had low single digit increases which has been a boost to the district’s strained budget.

— Peter Daquila, Business Administrator, School District of the Chathams