Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber risks are increasingly complex and dynamic. From simple breaches of personal information to exposures involving hacker-cause explosions, computer destruction, or compromised medical devices, it is more important than ever to understand your coverage gaps and crossovers for cyber risks. We work to deliver an insurance program that is comprehensive and set in place protections to help reduce your exposure.

  • Placed the largest Cyber Tower in the marketplace at $500M
  • Placed the largest Cyber Business Interruption Tower in the marketplace at $420M
  • CyberSelect™ – Exclusive manuscript policy with unique terms and conditions
  • Procor – Cyber Business Interruption valuation
  • Preferred response firm relationships with experienced providers
  • Cyber supply chain risk assessment created with University of Maryland and NIST to measure IT security process maturity
  • Claims experience/expertise with $100M+ first party claim and pre-response guidance
  • Vendor Insurance Guidance


CyberExcel, a proprietary cyber insurance product, protects against data breaches, network business interruption, e-commerce trading exposures, crime as well as protection from media and intellectual property risk. The unique modular form allows you to pick and choose coverage based on your business needs. CyberExcel includes loss control education and training along with full post-breach crisis management assistance. All this backed by Lloyd’s security, A.M Best rating of A and Fitch and Standard & Poor’s rating of A+.

a young woman in a purple shirt using her smartphone in a server rack closet, with a monitor showing lines of code

It is more important than ever to understand your coverage gaps and crossovers for cyber risk

Market Leading Enhancements

  • Reputational harm
  • Breach response costs up to the full policy limits
  • Computer crime, electronic theft, and social engineering coverage
  • Liability coverage extended to cloud providers and external vendors
  • Notification without consent requirement
  • Crisis management and brand reestablishment following a social media event from employees
  • Coverage for rogue employees
  • Programming and human error (systems failure)
  • Worldwide jurisdiction
  • No restriction for delivered programs
  • Terrorism carveout

Service & Claims Response

  • Immediate breach response assistance
  • Notification, forensics, and breach response services
  • Legal services
  • Event management services
  • Call handling services
  • Support, credit, and identity theft services
  • In the event of a claim or a privacy breach, policy holders can immediately access counsel specified in their policy and seek advice from the IDT911, specialized breach response experts.