Thinking Outside The P&C Box

Large Deductible Programs – Manage your largest cost of risk, retained losses, with an analytics-driven program.

Captives – Explore and understand the many alternatives of traditional insurance.

Cyber Capabilities – Using innovative and proprietary tools to allow our customers to make informed buying decisions backed by evidence-based information.

Retrospective Rating Programs – Maximize the return on your investment premium through alternative risk programs that provide customers more control.

Claims Management – Achieve the timeliest outcome with our claims professionals

Executive Liability – Identify steps to reduce the severity and frequency of future litigation – before it happens.

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Property Service

We make it our top priority to help make your job easier by pre-underwriting, preparing best-of-class submissions and providing our customers’ data in the preferred format.
Our placement, claims, and loss control resources are all part of the National Property team and we have experience working with customers in all our major verticals. Additionally, these professionals are not restricted by geographic boundaries or competing internal P&Ls which allows us to put seasoned insurance professionals forward for every account, every time.
You will also have a consistent team throughout life of the program. The team negotiating the insurance placement is the same team doing the day in/day out servicing. We do not utilize broking centers.

Our goal is to remove as much uncertainty as possible from property risk management programs. To achieve this, our National Property team evaluates every aspect of the existing program for gaps in structure, terms, and conditions. Based on the findings, we design, market, and implement each customized property program.

View our 2021 Hurricane Preparation Guide (pdf)

Casualty Capabilities

Known for our accountability, we align our service teams to meet your objectives. We operate as a single entity with NO geographic barriers to bring the seasoned insurance professionals to each customer based on our industry experience and technical ability. Operating under this model, you will have the same experienced service team that knows your business throughout the life of the partnership.

We empower our customers to make educated buying decisions about their risk financing and how to attack and reduce their claim costs.

Casualty Analytics

Actionable Analytics – The analysis we perform allows us, collectively, to identify the key areas that will reduce the cost of the largest percentage of losses a customer retains.

Claims Management – Our analytics enable us to identify the most potentially costly claims, the best/worst adjusting performances, and the most efficient means to close claims economically to obtain the lowest possible cost.

Operational Enhancements – We look at the where, how and why drivers of claims and establish a joint task force to make changes to how your people and operations do their jobs in a way that helps your team minimize accidents from happening at all.

Claim Management & Risk Control

  • ZOOM®/Enhanced Claim Management
  • Operational Assessment
  • Data Integrity
  • Claims Administrator Management
  • Claim Audit/Best Practice
  • Safety Program Evaluation
  • Loss Analysis
    • Loss Projections
    • Retention Analysis
    • Monte Carlo Simulations
    • Collateral Analysis
    • Scorecards – Measure KPIs
  • Educated Decision Making Tools
    • Net Present Value Analysis
    • Cost of Capital Analysis
    • Retrospective Adjustment Simulations
Our goal is to remove as much uncertainty as possible from property risk management programs