A Team Approach to Account Management

Our staff offers a variety of support services to our clients, and we recognize the critical importance of this in our long-term relationship. Your dedicated account team is cross-trained to ensure prompt and consistent service at all times. We work with the HR staff towards making the transition and future workings of the benefits as smooth and problem-free as possible. From initial enrollment to final terminations, up to and including all billing and claims issues that may arise, we are dedicated to serving your needs.

four employees at a group meeting around a table

Our firm is very successful in assisting with escalated claims issues through insurance companies. In each case where a claim was incorrectly paid, we have facilitated the resolution. In addition, our Service Team may be called upon to deal with administrative concerns such as incorrect billings and/or enrollment matters.

If you provide us the opportunity to serve as your broker of record, we would set up an introductory meeting to review our client on-boarding process, which consists of a conversation and gathering some pertinent information with regards to your insurance coverages and all services currently in force. We would review any services provided and alternative solutions that could be utilized, such as benefits technology, HRA/FSA administration, COBRA services, telemedicine, transparency tools, etc. We believe in an open line of communication. Members of our team would work closely with your administration to a customized project plan that outlines action items and deadlines.

First Call Solutions

At Brown & Brown, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service. Our service center is an excellent demonstration of this commitment. The center is comprised of experienced benefit professionals who can assist employees with a multitude of needs including:

  • Claims assistance
  • Locating a provider and/or specialty provider based on plan networks
  • Understanding benefit plans
  • Medicare questions
  • Appeals assistance
  • Answering questions during Open Enrollment periods

Our representatives are trained to understand your unique benefits and we understand in this busy world, having a resource for your employees to count on can be an invaluable, value-added service. Employees can reach us at 1-877-75-ASKUS and they may also email any questions or concerns to our representatives directly. Our current hours of operation are 8:30am to 6:00pm EST.

Choose the advisor that will work to your benefit.