A Best in Class Process for Benefits Administration Technology

Brown & Brown provides clients “best-in-class” employee benefits technology administration services. Our company has established national agreements with industry-leading technology vendors that provide preferred pricing and exceptional service guarantees. With a vast national client base, we understand that our client engagement must run deep to allow our teams to learn and to truly understand a client’s how’s and whys. We begin each technology project with an in-depth assessment of a client’s challenges and future goals during our “one-on-one” consultations. This process helps us recommend a personalized solution and products, resulting in a more favorable client user experience, again all specifically developed based on each client’s unique needs. Our systems focus on 3 areas of impact: Administrative, Financial and Educational.

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A more favorable client user experience, all specifically developed based on each client’s unique needs
  1. Administrative

    • Faster & more accurate transactions by removing paper forms and manual data entry and shifting to electronic data interface (EDI) to exchange information with carriers and vendors.
    • Enhances employee data security by eliminating the need for physical copies of social security cards, birth certificates or marriage licenses
    • Keeps you in compliance with state and federal guidelines by assisting with ACA reporting, COBRA qualifying event tracking and dependent eligibility automation.
  2. Financial

    • Ensures speed and accuracy when making benefit enrollment changes saving your organization from incorrect premium and claims payments.
    • Through decision support tools, employees can get customized plan recommendations based on their estimated medical needs and make smarter plan choices.
    • Rules-based systems allow for automated terminations of aged out dependents as well as assist with self-bill admin/consolidated billing & imputed income calculations.
  3. Educational

    • These systems can house benefit summaries, carrier forms and resources that employees would have access to 24/7 via their member portal.
    • Side by side benefit & cost comparisons, decision support tools and educational content give the employee all the tools to be a better educated consumer their healthcare.
    • Sites are available in multiple languages and have other features such as total compensation statements, time off requests/tracking, mobile app compatibility & text alerts.