Data Analysis / Plan Strategy

Our benchmarking data provides you a standard to which you can compare your benefit programs. The scope of our book of business coupled with our close relationships with carriers allow us to provide our clients customized, comparative analysis to their peers, on both a regional and national level. We provide comparative data on benefit design trends, cost and utilization patterns, and rate modeling to our clients.

Our staff excels at financial modeling, using historical claims and enrollment experience to project future costs. Our specialization in employee benefits has helped our clients project costs for advance budgeting and consideration of possible alternative funding options with a high degree of accuracy. Brown & Brown employs actuarial teams for more advanced case studies. Working daily in the field with the carrier’s underwriters, we know the trend factors, can accurately estimate rate differentials for benefit changes, and calculate client specific completion factors.

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What We Do

  • Plan Strategy – review plan designs and recommend cost containment measures to positively impact future claims experience.
  • Data Analysis – analyze present and historic claims experience as well as benchmark current costs and benefit levels by industry and region.
  • Plan Administrative and Legislative Compliance Assistance – includes access to our client portal and benefit administration systems.
  • Employer Education – provide a complete review of existing employee benefit plans, legal and contractual obligations and alternative funding strategies.
  • Employees Communications – access to intranet ready materials, microsites and total compensation statements
  • Wellness Services – Population Health & Innovation Strategies