Chapter 44 Calculator

NJ P.L. 2020 Chapter 44 requires public local education employers to offer a medical and prescription plan called the Educators Health Plan. Any local education employee who enrolls in this plan will no longer be subject to Chapter 78 contribution requirements and instead will pay a percentage of their base salary (or non-Medicare retiree’s annual retirement allowance) towards the cost of the plan. The amount the employee or retiree pays is based on their salary and coverage tier they are enrolled in.

Note that the Chapter 44 contribution cannot exceed the previous Chapter 78 contribution. In every case, the lower contribution applies. When the base salary or retirement allowance is more than $125,000, the percent to be contributed shall be the same as for a base salary or retirement allowance of $125,000.

Please note: This calculator is for medical and prescription drug plans only. If you have dental and/or vision plans, contributions may apply as per your collective bargaining agreement or legislation.

Chapter 44 Calculator
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If the prior Chapter 78 Contribution Structure yields a lower amount, then that amount is used instead. Please refer to the Chapter 78 Calculators for a means of Comparison.
However, your contribution may NEVER fall lower than
the minimum contribution based on 1.5% of salary:

Note: this calculator is for informational purposes only. All calculations are estimates and may differ from the actual amounts deducted from payroll.