Insurance for clients with complex insurance needs

We understand that insurance is not the same for everyone. When it comes to having the right insurance coverage, knowledge about you, your family, and your needs allow our team to work with you to design a comprehensive program to exclusively safe guard what you value most.

High-net-worth individuals often accumulate a wide range of valuable possessions and property – and with them substantial exposure to financial loss. Too often, not enough thought is given to value, protection, and possible replacement of upscale homes, luxury vehicles, rare and fine art, and jewelry collections, aircraft, and watercraft. We specialize in personal insurance for high-net-worth individuals with complex insurance needs and our Private Client team can help you understand your personal exposures to loss in order to customize your insurance portfolio and risk management plan.

a man and a woman sitting on top of a yacht while looking at the sunset

A comprehensive program to exclusively safeguard what you value most

Our individualized approach includes:

  • A personalized “invest-the-time-to-understand-a client’s-needs” philosophy
  • Comprehensive personal risk review and exposure analysis performed annually
  • Identifying uncovered exposures and recommending practical solution
  • A strong focus on loss prevention and eliminating, reducing, and transferring risk
  • Design and delivery of a customized insurance portfolio
  • Oversight and management of all aspects of a client’s ongoing personal insurance needs