Personal/Family Insurance

As your personal assets grow or change, so should your concerns about how to best protect your assets. We provide peace of mind by reviewing your individual needs with the best risk reduction services and insurance protection available.

Our focus is on reducing your risk and exposure on all aspects of your life style.


Not all homes are created equal. Therefore your policy should be tailored to your individual needs and not what best suits the insurance company. There are major differences in coverages provided by insurance companies, and you don’t want to find that out after you suffered a loss.

Personal Automobile

Not all automobile policies are created equal. From classic or antique cars, to exotic imports, luxury sedans, or your everyday go-to-work transportation, coverage requirements are as different as the cars themselves. That’s why you need a professional B&B advisor to make sure your valuable automobiles are protected. We work with our diverse carrier partners to custom design the right program that lets you travel in confidence.

Antique Automobile Collection

The world of collecting classic cars increased significantly back in 2013. Exceptions, contradictions and nuances come standard with the collector car territory, and therefore navigating your way through this market can be complicated and downright confusing. Our experienced and knowledgeable advisors are happy to help make sure that your collection – and all of your insurance needs – are met properly.

Private Collections

Fine arts, rare books, coins, silver, wine and jewelry are only some of the private collections that we can help you insure.

Our professional advisors specialize in protecting the assets –and the lives– of successful individuals. Not every insurance company has experience in this specialty.


Boats can be a very expensive purchase, which is why you hope to get as many years of enjoyment from your boat as you possibly can. There are many types of boat owners insurance – from your basic coverage items that are similar to the policies that you get for your car – to additional coverage options like reasonable repair and wreck removal insurance, to name just a few. Talk to one of our advisors today to learn what types of coverages are available, and let us help you determine what package will suit both your insurance needs – and your budget.

Personal Umbrella

Excess Liability Coverage will help protect your assets that aren’t covered by your other policies.

D&O Insurance

Directors and Officers Insurance is available to protect the board members of a profit or not-for-profit organization.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Comp offers coverage for the household employees (au pair, cleaning staff, drivers, captains, etc.)

Employment Practices Liability

Insurance protection to cover domestic help.

Travel Insurance

Whether you travel for work, for play – or for both! – if it seems like you are constantly jet-setting then you might want to talk to one of our friendly advisors about purchasing an annual travel insurance policy that covers you for an unlimited amount of trips per year.


We offer primary Flood Coverage through the FEMA program, and private carriers with superior flood coverage.

Excess Flood

If you would like more protection than the $250,000 primary coverage offered by the FEMA Program, talk to us about getting excess flood coverage.

2020 Hurricane Preparation Guide – for Businesses, Homeowners & Boaters


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